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Over the years we have become one of the leading specialists in the East London/Essex area for Vaillant installations, servicing and repairs. We know these boilers inside out. Our vans are stocked with most spares. This means a service can be carried out efficiently, and if you call us to a breakdown,  we can have your Vaillant boiler up and running within a few hours.


Our engineers are Vaillant trained and work on all Vaillant models, from an early Turbomax, to a current Ecotec Plus.

Vaillant fixed price repairs.

Vaillant boiler broken down? Our Vaillant trained engineers are just a phone call away. 


Our prices are fixed. Vaillant fixed price repairs are priced at just £120.00 + Parts (Excludng main heat exchanger replacement)

Book a repair online or call us on 01708 480191

Vaillant installations.

Looking for a new boiler. Look no further. We are Vaillant Advance installers, meaning we can offer free extended warranties of up to 10 years. 

Vaillant servicing.

To get the most out of your Vaillant boiler it is important that it is serviced annually. We have two options for servicing. A full scope service (condensing boilers only) or a standard service.



Full Scope Service £120.00 (Condensing boilers only)


This service is a full strip down service of your Vaillant boiler. Serviced to manufacturers instructions, it includes checking gas rate, checking expansion vessel charge and if necessary, recharging, removal of fan/burner and cleaning inside of main heat exchanger, cleaning and refilling of condense trap, new G10 combustion chamber seal kit, new heat exchanger nylock nuts, new fibre gas washer, checking of CO/CO2/RATIO/O2 with a flue gas analyser in high and low fire modes and resetting when and where necessary. A full service report and flue gas analyser results will be supplied.



Standard service £80.00 (All Vaillant boilers)


Condensing Vaillants: This service involves all of the above, but the fan/burner is not removed and so the main combustion chamber seal does not need to be replaced. If you have a full scope service on your condensing Vaillant within the last year, then a standard service is recommended. A full service report and flue gas analyser results will be supplied.


Non Condensing standard efficiency Vaillants: This service includes a full strip down service, removal and cleaning of burner/injectors and fan, cleaning of heat exchanger and combustion chamber, checking all parts and components for wear and tear, checking and recharging of expansion vessel where necessary, checking and setting of burner pressure, check flame picture, gas rate of appliance, and flue gas analysis checks. A full service report and flue gas analyser results will be supplied.

Book a service online or call us on 01708 480191

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